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Marleen Leën



Phoenix    100*180cm

Marleen Leën Painting 120 bij 180 cm painted in her art studio at Hasselt Belgium. Visit and

An Appeal to the Imagination


An appeal to the imagination.

Sitting in front of the white canvas, clearing the head and start.

Starting with 3 colours and a few spots, rough and unconstrained: the subconscious  mind at full speed.

Not knowing whereto creates surprising coincidences and opportunities that crave for attention  to be developed.

The first phase is chaos - a rough onset - followed by reflection.

What is this, what feeling corresponds, and then comes the music, Bach, slow jazz, spiritual or ethnic music that further leads the search!

In the second phase the chaos becomes controlled and connections, lines and  relations take over. Everything grows organically like life itself.

In the third phase the work will mature. The individual character is explored in all details.

Should art have much explanation? Sometimes, sometimes not. Art has to touch or move. Art can shock or bring peace and well-being.

My work is not tied to time or space, maybe a journey to the unknown, perhaps cosmically?

Every work is interpreted differently by everyone, otherwise experienced according to their own imagination.

Have a good journey to the unknown.

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